Karma Phuntsok Artworks from 2004


104001 Tsog
104004 Lord of the soil
Lord of the Soil
104006 Jowo Je
Jowo Je
104010 Compassion Deities (a)
Compassion Deities (A)
104010 Compassion Deities (b)
Compassion Deities (B)
104011 Yak Dreaming
Yak Dreaming
104012 Green Tara And Grass Trees
Green Tara and Grass Trees
104018 Cassowary Forest
Cassowary Forest
104019 Vehicles
104020 Nectar of Tara
Nectar of Tara
104021 Lineage Gurus
Lineage Gurus
104022 Sheepstation Creek
Sheepstation Creek
104023 Green Tara in Melbourne
Green Tara in Melbourne
104024 Flowering Ginger and Manjushri
Flowering Ginger and Manjushri
104030 Green Tara
Green Tara

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